Imported Metal Catalytic Converters

Imported Metal
Catalytic Converters
Selling imported catalytic converters to EXPROM is a solution that contributes to financial gain and exclusion of time consuming procedures.

Imported Metal Catalytic Converters

Selling the imported metal catalytic converter to EXPROM is an excellent move, which allows you to profit and get rid of the trouble associated with the disposal of this part. Our clients are granted a number of privileges: guarantee of high prices, quick analysis and calculation that is performed immediately after admission and analysis.

EXPROM catalytic converters admission

Purchase of imported catalytic converters by EXPROM implies a series of sequential actions, consisting preliminary analysis, sorting, grinding, analyzing materials, issuing a certification document for samples, making calculations according to the current stock quotes, preparing and issuing a settlement passport with further payment.

Selling imported catalytic converter to EXPROM is a solution that contributes to financial gain and exclusion of any time loss. It's no secret that these car parts contain precious metals, so, even with the loss of their efficiency, you can get money for those items.

EXPROM is accepting imported catalytic converters in any condition, including used ones, thus, for each car owner the offer is quite attractive. Dealing with our company, customers will get a favorable amount of money, and also contribute to the environment preservation (improperly disposed converters may cause irreparable damage to the environment).

EXPROM offer is equally attractive to individuals and legal entities located in Russian Federation. Our experts will determine the percentage of precious metals in the catalytic converter and will make a final calculation of the cost of redemption. When a compromise is reached, there will be signed a formal contract and there will be made a payment in the most convenient manner as we consider our client’s preferences. You can find out the cost of your catalytic converter by using the "calculator" function on EXPROM website.

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