Domestic Metal Catalytic Converters

Domestic Metal
Catalytic Converters
Metal neutralizer, housed in a stainless steel case, is sprayed with a precious coating - gold, rhodium, palladium or platinum.

Domestic Metal Catalytic Converters

Domestic catalytic converters purchase is the main EXPROM specialization as we are engaged in the processing of these elements. We work without intermediaries and are ready to offer our customers very favorable terms.


Ceramic catalytic converters admission is an excellent decision for every car owner, thinking what to do with the old part. Customer dealing with EXPROM can be assured of a competent processing of their product and a guarantee of obtaining maximum cash compensation.

Those who wish to hand over their metal catalytic converters will need to deliver those to one of the admission units at any convenient location. Our network covers all Russian regions, so there will be no difficulties with the designation of an expedient solution. Moreover, our customers can send the product by mail or by a courier of any transportation company they prefer.

EXPROM is buying domestic catalytic converters as quickly as it is possible. Determination of the precious metals percentage is performed on high-precision modern equipment; after that our professionals will calculate and announce the value, and with the consent of the seller with a specified price, they start contract signing procedure with the subsequent money transfer.

Good reasons to sell old metal catalytic converters:

  • This kind of car parts need special disposal, since after operation they are dangerous for environment. It is not possible to perform a catalytic converter disposal without special equipment;
  • EXPROM guarantees its customers the largest payments and the shortest admission procedure possible regardless of the number of catalytic converters and their condition.

If you know the amount of metals in catalytic converter, you can calculate its cost


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