Metal catalytic converters

Metal catalytic converters
A precious coating of gold, radium, palladium or platinum is evenly sprayed on the metal honeycombs of such a neutralizer, located in a stainless steel case.

Metal catalytic converter is a special element in the car's exhaust system, designed to cleanse the exhaust gases from harmful substances. It is called “metal” because of its internal content - the blocks (honeycombs) of this part are made of metal.

A precious coating of gold, radium, palladium or platinum is evenly sprayed on the metal honeycombs of such a neutralizer, located in a stainless steel case.

Comparison of metal and ceramic catalytic converters

Ceramic and metal catalytic converters are almost identical in terms of functionality. However, metal ones are much better in withstanding negative mechanical impacts. And it is because of this fact most metal catalytic converters are more expensive than ceramic converters. At the same time they serve much longer.

For example, a metal catalytic converter is resistant to problems with the auto ignition system. Even if due to regular failed starts some unburned gasoline will be accumulated in the exhaust path of the car, metal honeycombs will not explode and will not crumble like ceramic ones.

However, any catalytic converter, whatever it is made of, will not withstand low-quality gasoline with a high content of tetraethyl lead and will fail. And neither the ceramic nor the metallic converters are repairable. It will be necessary to change this part completely.

In order for the converter with metal honeycombs to work as long as possible, these few simple rules for the safe removal of exhaust gases must be followed:

  1. The catalytic converter part should be positioned as close as possible to the engine (this will keep the desired exhaust temperature).
  2. However, the resulting temperature should be limited, since additional heat will be released during fuel combustion.

Generally, the construction of any metal catalytic converter is characterized by thermal strength. And also it has no harmful resonators. Therefore, despite the small structural dimensions, the device has a pretty large active area.

Metal catalytic converter recycling and processing

A failed metal car catalytic converter has to be replaced immediately. But how to recognize was it worn out over time or as a result of misuse?

The following signs will tell you about the breakdown:

  • Engine of your vehicle takes too long to start; it must be regularly "pepped up" by the starter;
  • Fuel consumption increases significantly;
  • Thrust spontaneously disappears at high speed;
  • The arrow of a tachometer does not overcome a mark of 4000, which means that you are losing turns.

Would you like to check the catalytic converter of your car by yourself? There is the simplest way. Start the car and press the gas pedal into the floor. If the speed gain is slow, there is a problem with your catalytic converter.

When the exhaust system ceases to function, the car simply stalls for no reason. And on its dashboard now and then there are warnings about a malfunction, because the work of the exhaust device is controlled by a lambda probe.

Catalytic converters disposal by "Exprom" LLC

If you are concerned about the environment, you will never just throw the spent metal catalytic converter away. Moreover, it can be handed over to a specialized processing company at the admission point and you will receive a certain amount of money for this. And, of course, industrial enterprises will never simply throw out the failed automotive neutralizers. After all, these parts are literally "stuffed" with harmful toxic waste, and the law obliges every enterprise to preserve the purity of the atmosphere in quite certain ways.

However, in addition to harmful substances, every catalytic converter contains precious metals. And this spraying does not disappear anywhere during the operation of oxidizing. So it can be extracted. Thus, the purchase and processing of catalytic converters becomes profitable for both suppliers and utilizers.

The refining of metal neutralizers on the basis of the profile certified enterprise "Exprom" is as follows. First, the catalytic converter parts are placed in a container with nitric acid. And everything is dissolved there, except for precious metals. Also, the extraction is possible by industrial hydrochlorination (when the catalytic converter is exposed to chlorine in water or a dispersed solution). Or by electrochemical treatment (metal etching, oxidation, etc.).

Why is it profitable to sell the catalytic converter to "Exprom" LLC?

Most car owners (private traders), and automobile enterprises, and service stations hand over their spent metal catalytic converters to the "Exprom" LLC admission units. And all because the company can offer dealers the most profitable conditions for purchasing these car parts today.

With Exprom, in addition to the maximum possible funds, each client receives a number of additional benefits:

  1. Complete, and most importantly, free consultation on any issues related to the recycling of automotive catalytic converters.
  2. Confidence in the reliability of the transaction and the adequacy of the reward received (especially when it comes to wholesale deals).
  3. Always an individual approach to anyone who turns to “Exprom”.
  4. High-tech and high-performance equipment used in the process of recycling (processing).
  5. Involvement in the mission of preserving the environment on the planet.

To its regular and potential customers, “Exprom” guarantees:

  • Honest admission;
  • Openness and technological transparency at all stages of the utilization process;
  • Samples provided for conducting an independent examination (at the request of the supplier);
  • Official admission confirmation with the provision of a passport-calculation and a certificate confirming the sample taken (on request).

Would you like to get rid of a spent catalytic converter (or converters in bulk) to the maximum advantage and promptly? Contact "Exprom" today! Payment for the spent parts can be received here directly on the day of admission. In addition, the company is always open for mutually beneficial cooperation, including ones on an ongoing basis.

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