Imported Catalytic Converters

Imported Catalytic Converters
By purchasing imported catalytic converters EXPROM gives you a chance to get rid of this car part and get your profit.

Imported Ceramic Catalytic Converters

Purchase of imported catalytic converters by EXPPROM makes it possible to get rid of this part and get a profit. It's no secret that the composition of the products is represented by various precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, platinum, etc.), respectively, for this item you can get a fairly large amount of money.

For those wishing to hand over imported catalytic converters, it will be necessary to deliver the product to the admission unit, wait for the special analysis completion, and then receive their reward.

EXPROM catalytic converters admission

EXPRON is purchasing imported catalytic converters on favorable and convenient conditions for each customer, namely:

  • We have numerous admission units throughout Russia, which makes it possible to easily determine a convenient one;
  • Evaluation is carried out in the shortest possible time. We use innovative equipment for analysis, which allows to determine the amounts of precious metals as accurately as possible;
  • Our customers can sell imported catalytic converters simply sending those by mail or using services of any transportation company;
  • Calculation is carried out without delays, in the most convenient manner.

Selling imported catalytic converters to EXPROM, car owners make their contribution to the environment preservation (waste car parts are characterized by a long period of disintegration and accumulation of environmentally hazardous elements), while receiving significant monetary compensations.

Our offer is equally attractive for individuals and legal entities. When catalytic converters are purchased after the analysis, evaluation and reaching a compromise with the client, the contract is signed and settled immediately. On EXPROM website visitors can independently make a preliminary evaluation of their catalytic converters and get advice from our online manager.

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