Automobile manufacturers all over the world are increasing production rates and increasing the number of cars produced annually. And this means that on the roads of the Earth there will be more and more cars, throwing into the environment a huge amount of harmful substances. And this uneasy question worries not only the "green" defenders of nature. It is constantly discussed at the state level. In any case, the current laws of the vast majority of countries oblige car manufacturers to think not only about the technical capabilities and appearance of their products, but also about their environmental safety.

Catalytic converters utilization

Since 1987 all cars and also some types of modern industrial equipment are necessarily equipped with effective exhaust gas purification systems. Models with petrol engines are also equipped with catalytic converters. And for these elements:

  • there is a certain working resource;
  • and this resource is usually finished at an average mileage of 100-120 thousand km;
  • With the loss of functionality over time, the ability to purify the exhaust is lost;
  • The amount of harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere increases with a decrease in purification capacity.

Exhausted or broken catalytic converters are subjects to prompt replacement - with new original catalytic converters or their analogs. However, old neutralizers cannot just be thrown to the garbage, because they contain a lot of harmful substances and are dangerous for the atmosphere and for people. In addition throwing a catalytic converter away is also unprofitable, because, having his converter handed over to a special recycling company, the car owner can receive a significant monetary compensation.

What is the value of the old catalytic converter? It is in the metals of the platinum group contained in its composition. Organizations accredited for recycling and holding a special license, are buying catalytic converters and processing them, according to the standards approved by the current legal system.

We recycle catalytic converters professionally!

"Exprom" LLC has been successfully recycling catalytic converters on a professional basis for a long time. Our company is one of the leaders on the Russian market for collecting and processing used catalytic converters.


  1. We accept catalytic converters from individuals and legal entities on the most favorable terms.
  2. We conduct all activities strictly officially, demonstrating to the applicant absolute transparency and honesty of the cycle of admission and processing.
  3. We provide an individual approach to any supplier and maintain excellent relationships with our regular partners.
  4. We guarantee the highest prices for all items handed over.
  5. We provide samples and all necessary accompanying documents at the request of our partners.

We accept the following types of converters on favorable conditions:

  • Universal and industrial;
  • Metal converters from cars of European, Japanese and domestic production;
  • Other converters from cars of European, American and Asian production.

Our pricing

We will be happy to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms with: private car owners and service masters, as well as companies engaged in freight and passenger transportation, logistics. We will be happy to work with car workshops and industrial companies of different profiles that have spent catalytic converters in their possession.

Exprom" LLC adheres to certain rules when accepting catalysts:

If ceramic converter is handed over without casing, it has to be:

  • of natural moisture, without asbestos;
  • with the presence of dust / soot of natural origin;
  • with absence of traces of chemical washes and oil impregnations;
  • with a clear recognizability of the basic element (that is, with the presence of large ceramic pieces, not crumbs, so that it is possible to accurately determine the type of converter);
  • with a clean base (without any solutions or oils).

Parameters listed above will determine the price of a particular ceramic catalytic converter that is handed over.

If ceramic converter is handed over with casing:

  • the weight of the delivered product will be considered by the catalog (even if the catalytic converter is wet);
  • elements with traces of chemical washing, and also after treatment with other aggressive solutions and oils will not be accepted;
  • only clean products are accepted (possibly in dust / soot of natural origin).

Catalytic converters with metal foil are accepted:

  • extremely clean, free of any solutions / oils;
  • with a foil of natural moisture inside;
  • with traces of natural dust and soot;
  • without a hint of chemical washing.

Metal foil cuts are accepted:

  • with a natural degree of humidity;
  • with traces of soot and dust of natural origin.

No sewage foil is accepted:

  • uncovered;
  • excessively deformed;
  • washed in a chemical solution;
  • dirty or oily.

“Exprom” LLC consultants are ready to answer any profile questions that any potential dealer may have. Call, write! All the necessary preliminary calculations will be made for you in any convenient way. Organizations that utilize catalytic converters are provided with all the required closing accounting documents. Payment for the accepted items will be made promptly, in cash or by non-cash means.