"Exprom" is our constant partner for catalytic converters utilization.
Dmitry Smirnov
We are happy to express our gratitude to “Exprom” for the qualitative and timely implementation of industrial catalytic converters utilization contracts. It is also worth noting that “Exprom” team is highly professional and capable of resolving any issues in a very short time.
Nikita Lazarev
With a complete confidence, we can say that at the moment “Exprom” is the most modern and fast-growing company in the market of catalytic converters processing. We were offered such favorable terms of cooperation that we simply could not refuse.
Maria Kotova
We have a chain of car-care centers and we transport all spent catalytic converters only to "Exprom". Their prices are high and – most importantly – honest. Thanks you!
Maxim Kuznetsov
Previously, we were selling catalytic converters to another company, but after they began to understate the cost of our converters we tried working with "Exprom". We have a successful cooperation with this company for a year now without experiencing any problems.
Victoria Orlova
"Exprom" also works with small batches of catalytic converters. We have a small car-care center, but for our small amounts we get the highest price in the market.
Evgeny Kulikov

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