About us

During its existence on the market, Exprom LLC has established itself as a reliable company and an honest partner.

We work on mutually beneficial terms with both private sellers and legal entities. We sign contracts and provide all necessary documents for accounting and logistic reporting. We offer not just services for the admission of various catalytic converters, but high-level service, reliability and accuracy.

Our clients not only give us the catalytic converters that have worked out their time, but they become our permanent partners who can count on an individual approach and efficient performance of all tasks at all technological stages. Thanks to the availability of high-precision professional laboratory equipment, our professionals can guarantee calculations that are as close as possible to chemical analysis, as well as the transfer of funds on the day of delivery. An optimized working process allows us to accept and serve dealers even with one catalytic converter only in the shortest possible time (literally in a few minutes).


Modern technologies
High prices

Exprom LLC transmits to its customers upon request all samples and accompanying documents for expert examination in any specialized organizations. Moreover, our open and transparent working scheme enables all commissioners to attend and observe personally the primary processing of the neutralizers admitted. In addition, the whole process is filmed by video cameras.

The company development plan is to create branches in different cities of Russia, EU countries and Asia. To this end, Exprom LLC already has all the opportunities to expand, namely: sufficiently developed relations with Russian refineries, as well as with similar processing enterprises abroad, transport companies.

We are always open for cooperation, we always listen to the requests of our customers, and we always do our best to apply such requests into the admission process. Our calculations are accurate and timely. We are ready to offer special favorable terms to our regular partners and wholesalers. Exprom LLC admission units have convenient access roads; there is a parking lot for vehicles.

Exprom LLC has all necessary permits for the implementation of its professional activities in the territory of Russian Federation and beyond. We employ highly qualified professionals who provide quality service at all stages of catalytic convertors admission and processing.

You need to sell old or failed catalytic converter? Would you like to get the maximum possible reward for it? Call and come visit us. We will be happy to serve you.